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OML Endorsement of PEP

The Ohio Municipal League (OML) and the Public Entities Pool of Ohio (PEP) are proud to announce a new endorsement relationship. This new exclusive endorsement from the OML comes as PEP celebrates its 30th year in providing unparalleled coverage and services to its members. 

PEP is a public entity group self-insurance program that prides itself on providing broad coverage, innovative risk solutions, and skilled claims handling and litigation management, while continually offering stable rates. As a result, PEP is well- established and well- regarded in Ohio, making PEP the best risk-management sharing choice for the OML.

PEP Chairman, Wayne Barfels, lauded the new agreement with the OML, stating "the potential of this endorsement of PEP by the OML is huge and in my opinion will have a very positive impact for both organizations. We look forward to a strong working relationship between PEP and the OML.”

Since 1952, the Ohio Municipal League has been representing the collective interests of Ohio cities and villages before the Ohio General Assembly and state government offices. In March 2016 Kent Scarrett became the Executive Director of the OML with a charge to increase programs and services to its vast membership. 

"This new agreement with the PEP pool is a big step forward in our efforts to expand our ability to meet the growing needs of our members.” Kent goes on to express, "PEP and the OML share a common focus on serving members.”